Tuesday 22 April 2014

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #41

I was meant to write this post last week, but alas I was so busy with work that I didn’t have the time. Ebony was up early last weekend, and by 10am we were all dressed, fed and ready for an adventure. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I didn’t want to spend too long stuck in the car so we decided to stay close to home.

We decided to pay our first visit to the Roman Lakes in Marple. As we drove along the country lanes leading to the lakes, we talked about how beautiful it would be to live round there (in this house). The country lanes were really quiet, so when we passed a field of lambs, Laurie decided to get Ebony out for a closer look. Predictably this led to a ten minute struggle of pleas and reasoning to get her back into the car seat after the lambs had run terrified from the shrieking toddler.

It was quiet at the Roman Lakes, with only a handful of other people walking around. The lakes are beautiful, surrounded by grassy banks and colourful flower beds. There was lots of wildlife, and we managed to see a duck leading her adorable fluffy ducklings into the lakes for a swim. We also saw a heron by the side of the lakes, and were able to get quite close to him before he took off with the help of his impressive wing span.

We saw a goose do a big poo, and then spent most of the walk with Ebony pointing out each and every pile of goose poo we walked past. Ebony had fun throwing sticks into the lakes, and collecting sticks (Stick Man) to take home.

The lakes were beautiful, we’ll definitely visit again. Despite being a sunny day, it was quite windy by the lakes, so next time we might try to go down on a less breezy day.

Have you been on any adventures this week?

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