Wednesday 23 April 2014

A Vegan Easter Egg Hunt

Everything is so much more exciting now that Ebony is old enough to understand concepts like Easter. Not the whole Christian backstory, just the fact that there’s a rabbit and he brings eggs. Last year she was bemused when we handed her an Easter egg, but this year she had been looking forward to seeing what Easter bunny was going to bring.

After much discussion, we decided to get her a box of smaller carob eggs, rather than a big one like last year. The big one came in a pretty dull box, and looked really uninspiring, so instead we got her some foil-wrapped sugar-free carob mini eggs (Don't let the name fool you though, they're not like mini eggs. Vegan mini eggs would be my dream come true, please make it happen). She has had sugar now, but only on the odd occasion, and I think it makes sense to limit the amount she eats while she's happy to do so. Under strict orders to avoid sugar, her grandparents got her a couple of these Playmobil eggs which I was really excited about.

On Easter morning, while Laurie got Ebony dressed, I ran outside in the gale force winds and hid all of the eggs, and the big bottle of gin Easter bunny had kindly dropped off for Laurie. Most of our garden it taken up by the rabbits, and the rest of it is in a state of disarray, so it wasn’t that easy finding suitable hiding places.

I’d managed to get a basket from a charity shop a few weeks before, so we left that on the fireplace in the living room for Ebony to find. She was so excited about the Easter egg hunt, having a two year old is so wonderful. Most of the time.

We went outside and Ebony immediately marched over to the rabbits and demanded to know where the eggs were. Luckily Sweep and Hazel weren’t giving anything away, so after a while Ebony began her hunt around the garden. Every time she found a foil wrapped egg she wanted to eat it, but I managed to convince her to find them all first and then we could take them in - it was really windy.

She found the Playmobil eggs easy enough because they were huge and bright, but some of the foil-wrapped ones took a little longer. Once she’d found all her eggs, and Laurie had spotted his gin, we went inside. I think she wolfed down three of the carob eggs within a few minutes, and then started trying to get into the Playmobil eggs.

I loved Playmobil when I was younger, so I was really excited for Ebony to get her first set. She was given two eggs, and has already spent a good few hours chattering away for the little people. She gets lost in her imaginary world now when she plays, so it’s been really nice watching her with the Playmobil. She’s also somehow managed to get through most of the carob eggs in that time.

I hope you all had a great Easter too.

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