Wednesday 26 March 2014

Living Arrows 12/52

We're taking Ebony abroad for the first time this year, and that means she needs a passport. Getting a passport photo of a toddler is absolutely the hardest thing in the entire world. On our first attempt, Ebony's head was tiny because the booth stool meant she was too far from the camera. The second attempt, her head was an acceptable size, but she was looking in completely the wrong direction.

After spending my life savings on these two attempts, I wasn't keen on forking out again, so decided to try taking my own. Even without the hassle of a booth, it is ridiculously difficult to get a toddler to look at the camera (because the rabbits in the garden are too enticing a sight), not smile ("Cheeeeese!") and relax her mouth (this instruction lead to either some kind of insane pout or a whistling face).
living arrows

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