Tuesday 4 March 2014

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #37

We missed an adventure last week because Ebony wasn’t well. She had a head cold all week, and there wasn’t a chance in hell I was going to be able to coax her outside with it. So, we stayed in, read stories and did lots of jigsaws. And now we’re playing great adventure catch up (again).

We didn’t want to waste time driving because we had lots to do, so we decided to go to Woodbank Park. We’ve never been before, because it’s right next to Vernon Park and we always go there instead. Woodbank Park sits above Vernon Park, and there is quite an impressive view of the river.

Ebony and Laurie chased each other, and played hide and seek while we made our way further into the park. It was very muddy so we were all kitted out in wellies, and Ebony was wrapped up warm in her snow suit. There were lots of dogs about, and Ebony flicks between loving dogs and being scared of them.

There were huge puddles of mud on the grass, and Ebony kept running over to stomp in them. She met her match at one point though and soon became stuck, Laurie rescued her by scooping her into his arms, and she squealed as her welly stayed stuck in the mud. Once the welly was free, and back on her foot, she set off straight back to repeat the mishap, of course.

We found some wood carvings in a tree, and Ebony spent some time taking them in. She gave the cat carving a kiss while saying “Aaaah!” As she often does, she wanted to stop and sit on each bench we passed. I felt for once she deserved it though, because she was chasing Laurie between benches and was running pretty fast. Her run is still uncoordinated and she always looks like she’s about to go flying, but she rarely does.

Once seated on a bench, she would wait for a few minutes, observing all of the passing dogs. When we reached the fourth bench, the wind had picked up, and Ebony was having to work pretty hard to stay seated on the bench. She sat on the bench, eating her crisps, and generally looking pretty cold, until she decided it was time to go home. The car park was still in sight, so we hadn’t gone far, but it had taken a while through all the mud.

More of a mini adventure this week, but since she’s still got a few cold symptoms to shake, I don’t think she did too badly.

Have you been adventuring this week?

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