Tuesday 13 August 2013

Things from my Granny's House

  1. I found this cat puppet in the games cupboard. Ebony waited patiently while I untangled the strings, and then followed the puppet round saying “Kitty!” and giving it kisses.
  2. I have so many fond memories of playing these card games. I have no idea how old they are, but they are quite beautiful to look at. I love the vintage illustrations, I think these might be from when my dad was a child.
  3. This sellotape tin is just used for storage, but isn’t it beautiful? It must be so old, I can’t imagine sellotape being sold in a tin.
  4. The room we were staying in houses the games cupboard, and I was excited to see this game. It must have been from my when my dad was little because zoo quest the TV show was on during the late 50s and early 60s. It’s crazy to think that David Attenborough started out in a programme about catching wild animals to hold captive in zoos.
  5. I love this box design. Things used to be so beautiful. I can’t imagine my grandchildren looking admiringly at the ‘vintage’ packaging of modern games.
  6. Another puppet, this was one less tangled but much hard to use. I could only get her to walk with her knees, Ebony didn’t seem to mind though. She kept shaking her hand, but seemed slightly scared when the puppet got too close.
  7. The house is filled with beautiful fabrics like these curtains.

We took Ebony down to visit my 93 year old Granny this weekend. Ebony is a bit young for most of the toys, but I read some of the beautiful vintage children’s books to her. Ebony had lots of fun playing with Granny, and trying to get Granny to throw balls at her head. I wish we didn’t live so far away so we could see her more often.

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