Tuesday 27 August 2013

Blog Challenge: Great Adventure #14

It was beautiful weather yesterday, so (after eventually sort of recovering from our hangovers) the husband and I decided to head out into the great outdoors to make the most of the bank holiday. 

We went to Vernon Park in Bredbury, because it is particularly beautiful on sunny days. Vernon Park doesn't have a playground, so it's especially good for great adventures because I know we can explore at will without worrying about Ebony seeing a slide glistening in the distance. Slides are basically crack cocaine to toddlers. 

We went for a walk around the park, exploring things we found along the way. We'd left our bag, and the snacks it contained, in the car and Ebony was soon asking for food. She has had a cold this week and so isn't quite herself, and has been quick to cry this weekend. Sure enough, she started to cry because we didn't have any bananas with us. As I was trying to soothe her, Laurie appeared with some blackberries he had found in the bush. Ebony was happy, momentarily, until the blackberries ran out. 

I bought Laurie this book on foraging for Christmas, but we haven't managed to get much use out of it yet. We've foraged a few blackberries over the past few weeks while out walking, but the ones at Vernon Park weren't quite ready yet. We spent the next half hour scrambling around in the bushes, and climbing steep hills, trying to pick enough blackberries to keep Ebony satisfied. 

Ebony had fun searching the undergrowth to find berries, and picked quite a few herself -although I had to keep an eye on her to make sure she wasn't going for the lighter ones.

I like that Ebony now knows where blackberries come from, and doesn't think they appear by magic on supermarket shelves. I'm going to have a look through the foraging book, and see what else we can search for on our great adventures. 

Have you been on any great adventures this week?

Read this post to find out what the great adventure is all about. 

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