Thursday 17 May 2018

Some New Dresses Just For Me (Not My Kids)

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I spend way more on clothes for the girls than I do for myself (am I alone?). The girls seem to outgrow things constantly and I always see lovely dresses or bright coloured clothes that I really can’t not buy for them. When it comes to myself, I’m less willing to spend money. I buy things for specific occasions but never really go out with the intention of buying new clothes ‘just because’. And even when I do, I end up stumbling into the children's’ department and spending my money there instead (eye-roll).

When I do go clothes shopping, it’s usually for something in particular. A wedding or a hen do or the fact that my jeans have a hole in the crotch again. So, when Fashion World got in touch to offer me some dresses, I accepted. It is nice to have new clothes for no reason, it makes me feel like I am young and childfree again (but, you know, more tired and with stretch marks). There were lots of different styles to choose from. Does anybody else feel overwhelmed browsing for clothes online? There are just so many to choose from.

In the end, I settled on this Monsoon tunic which I thought would be perfect for wearing on holiday. I’ve never bought any (adult) clothes from Monsoon before and it’s lovely. I wore it last weekend when I went out in Manchester and I felt good all day (no easy feat). And, even better, it looks good with white trainers so I don’t have to stress myself out worrying about wearing heels (I hardly ever wear heels, I walk ridiculously in them and I feel too tall and they hurt)

I also chose this tea dress from Oasis which I really love. It is such a lovely colour and I really like how it fits. It doesn’t cling around the waist, not that I have one, so it is a very flattering fit. I definitely can’t wear it with trainers though so it loses points for that… but it will be perfect for next time I am forced to do something fancy.

Sorry about the awkward photos. I was not born to model clothes. Also, the final photo is not of me, just in case you were wondering. Helmets are not the latest must-have accessory so don’t rush out and buy one. Though if you do, that one is pretty awesome.

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