Friday 9 March 2018

What I Want For Mother's Day

Another Mother’s Day, another gift guide. I took my mum out for afternoon tea for Mother’s Day. I will probably write about it soon because the vegan option was uh-mazing. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. Ebony wasn’t well today but she was stood fully dressed at the door at 8:50 am this morning sobbing because she couldn’t go to school. She kept saying she needed to go because of ‘a secret’ which I think was the Mother’s Day stall they have at school. So now I won’t get my £2 beaded bookmark this year which is, obviously, disappointing.

Instead, I would accept any of the following:

Oh my God, this stuff is so good. I had it instead of an advent calendar and I cannot stress how amazing it was. The chocolates are so tasty. So delicious. So wonderful. All vegans need some of these in their life, trust me.

Ebony loves nothing more than matching. I love nothing more than homemade gifts. I would love a customised t-shirt designed by Ebony. And it would be even cuter if she had a matching tee. I’m not saying I’d wear it to the pub, but I’d definitely wear it to bed.

I need this stuff. My skin is ageing, I am ageing, life is terrible. I am suddenly feeling very old and I need some amazing foundation to make me look at least slightly airbrushed. I’ve never used Cover FX but it’s supposed to be amazing. And it’s all vegan and cruelty-free, obviously. I was meant to get some for my birthday last year but only House of Fraser sell it in Manchester and that’s just so far… so I got something from Debenhams instead. This year I am haggard enough to need to walk the extra distance.

I am in desperate need of a big handbag. My bag doesn’t fit books in so I am forever carrying a paperback which makes me look like a really lame, middle-aged attempt at a hipster. I need to get a bigger bag so I can stop worrying about misplacing my reading material. I like this one in yellow. All my bags are yellow.

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