Tuesday 5 December 2017

5 Tips To Save You Time This Christmas

Christmas is very nearly upon us, although I admit I’ve been feeling that way for months. Now, with just weeks to go, I have got most of my big jobs out of the way but I still feel as though there isn’t enough time to get everything done (why did I think I would have time to decorate two Christmas Eve boxes?).

I had forgotten how limited time is when you have a small child in the house. I spend most of my days chasing after her, cleaning up after her and then there is very little time for anything else. So, at this stage in my life, time-saving tips are everything.

Contact Numbers UK has launched the #OneLessWorry campaign to highlight ways to minimise the stress at Christmas. And, I figured I would share a few of my favourite Christmas time-saving tips in case anybody else is so busy tearing after a toddler that they haven’t had chance to write their letter to Santa yet. Here are five ways to save time this Christmas:

1. Do the big shop online
Why would you do it any other way? I honestly don’t get it. The days of trekking around supermarkets arguing over the last bag of brussel sprouts are behind us now. You don’t need to do that anymore. Just get yourself an online delivery slot and fill your trolley with more food than you can carry. I have an Ocado shop arriving on the morning of Christmas Eve and this will save me so much time compared to having to do a big shop myself.

2. Use a gift wrapping service
When you contact stores like John Lewis, they will ask whether you want gift wrapping when you make a purchase. Say yes, it will save you loads of time and it means when you get home you can shove that gift in a wardrobe and forget about it until the big day. Aa an added bonus, all your gifts will be expertly wrapped instead of looking somewhat unhinged (my personal wrapping style).

3. Buy Christmas presents all year
Ok, I don’t start in January, but I am pretty organised when it comes to Christmas presents. If I see something I think somebody will like, I buy it, even if it’s summer. This not only helps to spread the cost of Christmas, but it also means that by the time I come to start my shopping, I’m already halfway there. I also do a lot of my present shopping online which saves me loads of time. I plan what I’m going to buy in advance and that takes away some of the stress and also reduces the chance of me overbuying (though I sometimes still do…).

4. Set aside some time to get the last few bits
There are also ‘a last few bits’ you need to get. It doesn’t matter how organised you are, there will be ‘bits’. And you will need them. So, plan for them now. Set aside a couple of hours to just blitz those final jobs in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Pop into town and get all the things gathering dust on your list. Avoid Saturdays because town is rammed then and the queues will slow you down and end up eating away at your free time.

5. Keep on top of the house
Christmas is all about welcoming visitors into your home. People come round for dinner, they pop round unexpectedly to drop off presents and they come in for a mug of mulled wine. You need to have your house ready for visitors at all times. I am not good at this, my house usually looks like a bombsite unless my mum has just been to visit. It is way easier to keep a house tidy than it is to tidy a house, so this December I’m focusing on keeping the house clean. This means picking up after my toddler (sob, so messy), keeping on top of the laundry and generally trying to give the illusion that my mum has just been round.

What money-saving tips are keeping you sane this Christmas?

This is a collaborative post with Contact Numbers UK.

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