Saturday 9 September 2017

An autumn wardrobe with Lyst

I like summer, but it doesn't really feel like we've had much of one this year, so I have been keenly awaiting the arrival of autumn. As soon as September arrived, the temperate dropped and the evenings are now cool enough for me to snuggle under a blanket and think about how I should really get on with knitting that winter hat for Ember. I will, at some point, actually start it, but it takes me a good few weeks of thinking about before I pick up my needles.

After months of wearing vest tops and summer dresses, my mind is now focused on clothes for cooler weather. I need to stock up on warm jumpers and long-sleeved t-shirts and, best of all, some winter boots. I hate doing the school run in trainers when it's raining, my feet end up drenched by the time I arrive home. shopping portal Lyst asked me if I'd like to put together some of my favourite pieces from their site, so I figured I would share my top autumn picks. Obviously, my school run duties leave me loving practicality and clothes that will shield me from the rain so that's what I've focused on. Bare legs and cropped tops might be ok for the young, but they're no good for me when I'm running down the street in the rain because I'm about to be late for pick up.

Here's what I picked:

1. Mustard yellow floral print scarf £9.99 from Starvidarious (is it even autumn if you're not wearing any mustard?)     //   . 2. 60s swing coat £45 from La Redoute (I couldn't love this coat more if I tried, anything with 60s in the title gets a vote from me) .    //     3. Stencil floral birdcage umbrella £23 from Fulton (Birdcage umbrellas are the ultimate umbrellas. I let Laurie borrow mine and it came back completely broken, so I need to get a new one and I love the floral detailing on this one)     //     4. Denim pinafore dress £35 from Monki (I love pinafore dresses, I think they are so comfy and I love how they look, plus they remind me of being pregnant and finally embracing my lifelong love of all things dungarees)      //     5. Stripe long sleeve t-shirt £12 from Weekday (stripes and dungarees, it's the obvious choice)     //     6. Gangster wellies £18 from ASOS (I have these and I love them, they're so shiny and really good quality)

This is was inspired by Lyst. 

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