Wednesday 28 June 2017

Men's Holiday Style With Jacamo

Men's fashion brand Jacamo got in touch to see if I'd like to put together a holiday outfit from their men's range. They have a big selection of men's shorts, here are the items I chose:

1.  Jacamo Drake Raglan T-Shirt in long £10 
I have always been a fan of raglan t-shirts, I think it dates back to my My Girl days. Vada always looked so cool in her raglan tees and dungarees, that's how I would dress all the time if I was a child. I would also have those streamer things on my bike handles. 

I love these glasses but I would secretly cry if Laurie spent this much on a pair of sunglasses because he would almost certainly lose them before the end of the holiday. I'd have to get him one of those fancy neck chains that old ladies use to keep their glasses around their necks. He probably wouldn't go for that. 

I love the colour of the shorts, they have them labelled as red but they look pretty pink to me. Men's clothes can sometimes be pretty boring, all greys, blacks and navy, but I much prefer colourful clothes. 

4.Trustyle Basic Canvas Pump in denim £10 
I couldn't bring myself to choose flip-flops because I hate them. And I hate feet. And why would you want something between your toes?! Terrible. So I chose these basic canvas pumps because these are the sorts of shoes I wish people would wear all the time so I never had to see any feet ever. 

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