Wednesday 24 May 2017

My 5 Favourite Things About Working For Myself

I have been working for myself for just over four years. I am a pregnancy and parenting writer and I create content for a lovely pregnancy website which focuses on empowering women to make informed choices. I love it and feel really proud that I've managed to find work that fits around my family. There are downsides to working for myself, for example, last week when my laptop broke I couldn't just call the IT department and get it fixed. Nope, I had to fork out bazillions of pounds for my new fancy laptop which I am now besotted with even though I definitely can't afford it. But, macbook-induced poverty aside, working for myself is pretty awesome. Here's why:

1. I can bring my baby to work
I don't work full days, in fact, I'm pretty sure I've lost the ability to do that. Over the past four years I have perfected the art of working during naps and after bedtime and I just don't think I could work any other way now. I first started working for myself when Ebony was a little over one. When she went down for her nap, I would scurry downstairs and open my laptop to start work. When she woke up, I usually tried to find something to distract her for five or ten minutes so I could finish what I was working on. It's not always easy to finish an article when there is a small child trying to whack your keyboard, but it's great to have the opportunity to try. 

2. I don't have to wear a uniform
I haven't had to wear a uniform since my terrible, terrible part-time job at a bingo hall when I was at uni. If I did have to wear a uniform, I would probably go for one of these bad boys from Engelbert Strauss's PPE clothing range. I am a big lover of all things yellow. I used to work in my pyjamas but now I have a school run to do so I am usually dressed like a fully functioning human being by the time I sit down to work. 

3. Nobody judges me for the mess
Back when I worked in offices, my desk was a health hazard. It was always stacked high with abandoned papers, forgotten to-do lists and empty bourbon biscuit wrappers (I love bourbons). It wasn't a nice sight and there was some definite judging going on. Whatevs. These days, I am  my only office mate and I am totally ok with the mess. Sometimes I even tidy up. Or, and this is the best, I just work in a room that isn't my office. Ah, freedom. 

4. I don't have to answer the phone
You know what would be great? If we all only used emails and text messages to communicate. Only psychopaths want to have phone conversations. I can talk to my friend and family on the phone but I have no desire to talk to anybody else. JUST EMAIL ME. Stop being weird. I don't want to speak to you on the phone. I want the conversation to happen via email so I can reply at will and control the conversation. Don't ring me. Ever. I wasn't allowed to say that to people before I worked for myself but now I totally can (not that I ever have because, luckily, most people I come into contact with seem to share my love of written communication). 

5. The flexibility
One of the bestest most amazing things about working for myself is the flexibility. I don't work full-time, I just work as and when I can. If I miss a day because Ebony was off school sick, that's fine. If I manage to squeeze in a couple of extra hours because Laurie took the girls out, great. If it's sunny and I want to skip work and soak up some rays, that's fine, too. I get to control it. I have the freedom to enjoy life whilst still earning a living doing something I love and I couldn't feel luckier. 

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