Thursday 9 March 2017

Baby Summer Dresses I Love

1. Painfully Adorable Rainbow dress £15.20 // 2. On Trend Cactus Dress (I am majorly feeling the cactus love right now) £11.20 // 3. Peter Pan Collar Dress (How cute?) £17.60 // 4. Chambray Leaf Dress £12 // 5. White Daisy Dress £5

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I know it's technically not summer yet, but I can see the sun shining outside my window so I don't think it's too early to start thinking about these things. We're going on holiday in a few months and, despite having bags of baby clothes for her to grow into, I've already started buying bits for Ember to wear on holiday. I walked into Next with a £50 gift card the other day and left with a bag full of summer clothes. I cannot be stopped. I am a summer fanatic moving at speed towards my summer holiday. I got a couple of dresses for Ebony too and have spent the past few weeks arguing with her about whether she can wear them to the park yet (she can't, it's arctic out there, she doesn't care).

The rainbow dress is my absolute favourite. If I hadn't recently had a baby, it would probably make my ovaries explode. I am fighting the urge to buy it on account of the fact I have no money, but the voice in my head is growing louder and more insistent that buying it will bring me all kinds of joy. We have a couple of weddings this year and I feel like maybe this is the dress Ember needs to wear to one of them. Right?

One of my favourite things about having a second child is that we have a little more freedom clothes-wise this time around. With Ebony, we had to buy everything so when she moved up a size, we had to get a whole wardrobe of clothes in a short space of time which meant cost was a factor. This time around, we have all of Ebony's old clothes plus a bundle of hand-me-downs from a very lovely friend so Ember wants for nothing. That means if I see something and love it, I can usually afford to treat her (Laurie would probably disagree with this statement...).

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