Monday 2 January 2017

Review: Trespass Kids' Coat

Ebony has been wearing the same tan coat since last autumn. It still fits but it’s suffered a few too many grass stains after a summer spent rolling around in the grass with her best friend. It’s a beautiful coat but it has paid the price of belonging to a child like Ebony instead of a well-behaved sit down and smile politely kid. I once heard Ebony shouting me from the bushes. When I got there, I found her dangling from her coat hood from a tree, her feet about a foot off the ground. It is one of my most favourite memories.

Anyway, that tan coat may give me love heart eyes but it is not particularly warm. One day last year, her nursery teacher told me she had been standing in the playground shivering, The teacher thought she might be getting ill, but I knew it was my love of stylish tan coats over sensibile thick coats that was to blame. So, when Trespass asked if we wanted to review a warm coat, I said yes. Obviously.

I considered getting her a thick all-in-one, but I decided a coat would be more practical because she could wear it to school. She spends lunchtime and breaks running wild with her friends at school, so I figured a warm coat would come in handy. I looked through the many girls ski jackets on offer, thinking those would be great for the colder months. Trespass have a good selection of coats and not everything is pink. I eventually settled on this Skylor ski jacket in blue. I’d told Ebony she was getting a new coat and she was really excited when it arrived. There was an unofficial unboxing ceremony, a fashion show, she pulled out all the stops.

At first glance, the coat is good quality. It is well made and looks warm. I love the star design and the bright blue colour. Ebony loves the striped hood and all of the pockets. So many pockets. She keeps a folded up pirate map in the pocket on her forearm. She keeps a collection of coins (mine, no doubt) in the inside pocket and all her tissues and boxes of raisins in the normal pockets. She’s a pocket lover. The hood detaches from the coat which I discovered the morning after it arrived when Ebony sheepishly asked me if I could reattach it.

She’s been wearing the coat daily for a few weeks now and she loves it. It’s warm and snuggly and she loves the colour of it. And the pockets, obviously. She has worn it in the snow and not complained about the cold. It’s windproof so once it’s been zipped up, so it keeps her warm even when the wind is at its worst. I send her into school with a jumper or cardigan on under her coat and she always runs out at 3pm without them.

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