Tuesday 15 November 2016

Stories of Storage

Another day, another storage problem, am I right? There is just too much stuff everywhere. I am well aware that this is probably more a problem with my hoarding than it is with the amount of storage in my house. At the moment, I'm desperately trying to find places to store Christmas presents. I currently have them in two cardboard boxes balanced precariously atop a bookcase in my office. Each time a new present arrives, I have to climb onto my office swivel chair to add it to the box and this makes me think maybe I will die. It's not ideal.

We decorated our bedroom before Ember arrived. She has no nursery but we have a beautiful new bedroom, selfish. We ripped out the hideous old fitted wardrobes and then Laurie and my dad created some alcove wardrobes using the ikea pax system as a base. I love the new wardrobes, they are really tall so make very good use of the space. We wanted to make sure our bedroom had enough storage space so that the room didn't feel cluttered. I would love a bedding chest like this gorgeous Jali Sheesham Thakat Coffee Trunk Box from the Sheesham wood furniture range. I love bedding chests but alas we have no space for one in our bedroom. We opted for under the bed storage to make sure we were getting as much storage as possible in the limited space we have available.

We've just put up some shelves in the playroom. I am not a fan of the playroom, it causes me nothing but grief. It takes about 18 hours to tidy and three seconds to mess up. I spend every weekend trying to coax Ebony into tidying her toys. The whole thing drives me insane. So Laurie put some alcove shelving up in there. The idea was that the shelves would put some toys out of reach but Ebony is part monkey so that didn't really work. The shelving is definitely an improvement though and I love the way they look. We have some wood left over so the plan is to add some shelves into the remaining alcove.

We did so much work on the house whilst I was pregnant that I'm actually pretty happy with the house now. Nothing is quite finished and there is still plenty to be done, but it feels homely now. One of my dream jobs that I'm not sure we’ll ever get around to is the upstairs landing. At the moment, it feels quite dark and boxy. I would love to open it up and put up some fitted bookcases stretching to the ceiling. I am a bit of a bookcase perv and really don't see the attraction of kindles as a result. I think it would cost quite a bit so I'm not sure we’ll ever get around to it, but I shall stay hopeful.

I'm also currently eyeing up sideboards for the living room. We would definitely benefit from some extra storage in the living room and I'd love somewhere to put a lamp. On that note, I need this yellow carnival star light in my living room, right? I've found a really lovely secondhand sideboard on eBay but am just trying to resist the urge to spend money I don't have on furniture I don't actually need.

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