Thursday 18 August 2016

A Postpartum Wardrobe with Lyst

I’ve been wearing maternity clothes for months. If it looks like a tent, I’ve been wearing it. I can’t wait to get back into normal clothes and start wearing things I really love again. Pregnancy is all about comfort, so I’m looking forward to getting to wear pretty dresses again.

Lyst is an online shopping portal that brings together clothes from some of your favourite brands. They invited me to take a look through their website and compile a list of my favourites. I decided to focus on postpartum fashion because that’s what I’ll be wearing for the next few months. I’ll be looking for clothes that hide a deflated bump and allow easy access for breastfeeding, so that’s what I’ve picked out.

For those long days trapped under a sleeping baby on the sofa, comfort is key. When my daughter was born, I picked up some simple t-shirts and long sleeved tops to wear. I imagine I’ll do the same again this time because sometimes it’s just nice to feel snug, especially as autumn is approaching. I picked out a simple maroon top from Mango for this.

I really love this striped skirt from Mango. It can easily be paired with a vest top or shirt to allow for easy breastfeeding access. I love the stripes and the shape of the skirt, it’s a simple way of dressing up without too much hassle. I don’t usually wear shirts but they make breastfeeding in public so easy. You can get easy access without having to expose too much of yourself. I love the star print on this shirt from Oasis. It would work with jeans or a skirt, making it a great choice for somebody who is likely to spend a lot of time changing outfits thanks to baby sick.

I have always been a huge fan of the dresses in Warehouse. They have so much choice and I always manage to find something I love. With shirt dresses being in at the moment, I figured this would make a good must-have for a postpartum wardrobe. The fit of a shirt dress will hide any number of sins, namely that slowly deflating bump and extra few pounds. And, of course, the button down front allows for easy access when you’re out and about with a hungry baby.

When Ebony was born, I walked miles each day going to baby groups and meeting up with friends. She slept happily in the sling whilst I worked off some of that extra pregnancy weight, it was perfect. I’m hoping I’ll get to do that again this time, so will need to think of some clothes to make it work. This summer has been pretty erratic weather wise so I think a waterproof coat is in order. Not only will it protect me, but if I get a slightly bigger size, I’ll be able to use it to keep the baby dry as well. I’d love one that could be easily packed away small so I can carry it in the changing bag and only get it out when I need it.

After falling head over heels in love with my maternity dungarees dress, I’ll definitely need to invest in another pinafore for after the baby is born. Admittedly, this may not be easiest in terms of breastfeeding access, but I love how they look so it will have to be done. I love this black one from ASOS  and think it is a must-have for autumn. There’s nothing nicer than long sleeved tops under pinafore dresses, is there?

What items would make it into your postpartum wardrobe?

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