Friday 10 June 2016

A Day Out To Cosatto AW 2016

I was lucky enough to be invited along to Cosatto’s Autumn/Winter 2016 preview. I had no idea they were based in the North, but they’re only a crazily long stone’s throw away in Bolton. Clearly the North is doing pretty well when it comes to babies since Mamas and Papas and Silver Cross are also based around these parts.

It’s still the holidays here (we get two weeks in Stockport), so I took Ebony along with me. She’s excited about all things baby at the moment, so I figured she might enjoy looking at the baby products on offer. Also, I’d heard there was a slide and she loves slides.

We had a Cosatto highchair when Ebony was a baby. It was a little out of our budget at the time, but it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist. I really love the Cosatto prints and the highchair I chose had a stylish retro apple print which I loved. Obviously, it was less beautiful once it had coated in mushed banana, pasta sauce and porridge, but, you know, still pretty good looking. And it looks so lovely on the 8,000 photos and videos I took of Ebony trying various foods for the first time.

Being pregnant, I currently spend a lot of time eyeing up baby products online. Oh, such an exciting life I lead. I’ve been looking at the Cosatto changing tables. We still have most of Ebony’s baby things in the loft but we didn’t bother buying a changing the table first time around. We were so cocky about our ache-free backs at the tender age of 25, but this time reality (and age) has set in and we’re looking to minimise the amount of bending we have to do (it has been a long five years). I love the amount of storage on the brightly coloured Cosatto changing units. I had only seen them online before so it was good to actually see one in the flesh today, they certainly didn’t disappoint.

I’m not much of a pram person. We had a Silver Cross last time but I found we didn’t get that much use out of it. Much as I loved the shopping storage, the pram just took up too much space in our home. I used slings with Ebony and plan to again with this next baby, though I truly wish Cosatto made slings because their prints are just beautiful. Unlike most prams which seem to come in a pretty dull array of drab colours, Cosatto products are bold, bright and quirky. I would love a Cosatto changing bag because the prints are just beautiful. They have something for everyone, and my personal favourite prints were Fox Tale, Chacha Treet, Firebird, Magic Unicorns and Happy Campers. Sorry, I realise that didn’t really narrow things down very well, but the prints are just stunning and I love them.

Ebony had a great time, not least because of the office slide from the upstairs meeting room right down into the showroom. She was too scared to try it the first time but was soon convinced to give it a go thanks to Polly at This Enchanted Pixie’s lovely kids. Once she’d dared to go down, it was near impossible to get her off. I was hoping to share a photo of Ebony going down the slide but, erm, she had a flowy dress on and it kept flying up over her head. I eventually managed to convince her to leave and then we popped to a nearby park before heading back to the train station.

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