Monday 25 April 2016

Sleepover Essentials

1. Pyjamas £19.95 GAP I often find myself lusting after Gap’s childrenswear, they have some really beautiful things. It’s important to look wonderful at sleepovers (this is a thing, right?) and I love these striped pyjamas, perfect for summer sleepovers. // 2. Ten Acre Sweet & Salty Popcorn Thanks to my terrible parenting, Ebony has developed a taste for sweet and salty popcorn (why is it so much better than both sweet and salty popcorn?). It’s not something we have very often, but I do usually get us a little bag of popcorn to share whenever we’re having a lazy day and watching a movie. // 3. Kawaii Pear Night Light £12.50 Not On The High Street I love this cute little night light and I think it would be right at home at a sleepover. Ebony doesn’t use a night light usually, but I think one would definitely come in useful for when friends sleepover. // 4. Cloud Cushion £15 Made Comfort is everything, especially when you’re reclining in front of a movie so I think some nice scatter cushions are in order. I love this cloud design, we have a brightly coloured cloud cushion in her room now so I think this would be a nice addition. // 5. The Despina Guest Bed £239.99 Beds R Us I love that this bed makes use of the usually wasted space underneath by fitting in another bed. Something like this would be a great thing to have for future sleepovers and would save the argument of who has to sleep on the crappy airbed. // 6. Crochet Throw £40 BHS This throw caught my eye in the window the other day, I think it would look wonderful in my new living room. But, since I’m already way over budget, maybe I could pretend it was Ebony’s future sleepovers. What do you think?

Ebony has started asking if she can have sleepovers with her friends. Obviously, she’s too young right now, I can’t see any of her friend’s parents putting up with her crawling into their bed at 4am in the morning. She loves the idea of having people stay over, although I have no idea why. When I think back to the sleepovers of my childhood, I am filled with nothing but dread. From what I can remember, sleepovers just extend the amount of time kids can argue for.

My favourite sleepovers were always the ones I would have with my sister. There was no falling out and crying in the garden and I always got to choose the movie (one of the many perks of being the oldest). The only downside was that Rosie would always fall asleep early which was fine until we reached horror movie age and then it was terrifying.

We’ve almost finished decorating a few rooms in our house and, as part of the reshuffle, Ebony’s playroom has moved to the front of the house. Long gone are the days of just an uncomfortable wooden bench to sit on, there’s now a bright red sofa bed in there. Whilst lying on the sofa together yesterday, we talked about how one day she might have sleepovers on that sofa bed when she’s older. And it got me thinking about other things that might be fun for her future sleepovers.

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