Tuesday 28 July 2015

My Dream Bathroom

When we bought our first house, it's safe to say we made the entire purchase based solely on the bathroom. The house was on a crap street, had what the estate agent described as a 'feature fireplace' (fake plastic log effect gas fire) and didn't have any garden fences (hello, neighbours). But the bathroom was really nice. It was huge. Bedroom sized. With a huge double-ended bath (where I happily sobbed my way through nine months of pregnancy), a separate shower (so fancy) and loads of floor space. Now, admittedly, when we bought the house we did not consider the floor space in the bathroom. And then we had Ebony, and all of a sudden the giant bathroom came into its own.

And then we moved house. Into a beautiful house with garden fences, on a better street, but still with crappy fireplaces (you can't have everything). And the bathroom is tiny. Seriously, tiny. When we looked round the house, I thought it was just small in comparison to the bathroom in our first house. Then we moved in and I realised that what I'd taken for a bath was in fact no bigger than a thimble. And that to get into it, you have to replicate the laser scene from Entrapment because of the way the bathroom has been designed.

I'm always trying to think of ways to improve the room, even though realistically it will be quite a while before we get round to sorting the bathroom out. It definitely needs a bigger bath, and I think the layout needs some reworking. I asked Ebony what her dream bathroom would look like, you can watch the video to see what she said: 

As part of the Dream Bathroom competition by Tile Mountain and Big Bathroom Shop, I've been having a look through some bathroom inspiration.  I have fallen in love with these blue and white skyros tiles, I think they would look amazing for the floor. I also love these simple white metro tiles (these white tiles came a close second). I'm a big fan of white in the home, but think the blue tiles would be a great way of prettying up a small bathroom without it looking too much. I really love this vintage looking bathroom suite, Imagine having such a dreamy bath! I'm not sure how it would all fit in my tiny bathroom, but I love it all the same. And whilst I'm swooning after freestanding baths, how about this pretty double sided bath? I guess realistically, something like this square shower bath suite would work best in a small bathroom, but there's no harm in dreaming of freestanding baths, right? 

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