Thursday 21 May 2015

Upcoming Children's Theatre in Manchester

The first show I took Ebony to see at the theatre was What The Ladybird Heard Live. It was three months before Ebony's birthday, and I was slightly worried that she might not sit still for the whole hour. There was no need to worry, because she was completely infatuated throughout. It was an amazing performance, and remains one of the best things we've seen simply because the set design was so clever. The absolute best thing we've seen was the ballet, nothing will ever compare to that because Ebony's reaction was one of amazement and wonder the whole way through. 

I really love taking Ebony to the theatre. Our theatre trips are definitely some of my favourite days. She always wants to wear her party shoes, and we always stop off for lunch on the way. She's always excited on the way there, and then talks me through exactly what happened on the tram home. It's one of the times that I truly feel we are just like Lorelei and Rory. There is no such thing as a bad mood on theatre day. 

That's probably at least one of the reasons why I spend a small fortune on theatre tickets. That and the fact that I might be not-so-subtly trying to push my love of theatre onto Ebony. I feel like since we only have a few months left together before Ebony will be in nursery five days a week, we should make the most of this time by having as much days out as possible. And that means my bank balance is taking a hit. Since promising that I wouldn't buy anymore theatre tickets, I've already booked a few more. There are just too many things to see. Here are just a few of the things we've booked tickets to see so far this year:

The Journey Home
This is such a beautiful children's book. I first read about it about a year ago, and then finally tracked it down in my local Waterstones. There are few things I love more than a children's book with a moral message, and this one focuses on conservation as the characters try to find somewhere to live. The gorgeous book has now been adapted into a puppet show by Little Angel Theatre and is now touring the country. We're seeing this on Friday in Chorlton and I'm really excited to see how they bring the sweet illustrations to life. You can see tour dates and book tickets for The Journey Home here. It's on at The Edge Theatre in Chorlton on 25 May, tickets are £6-8 and can be bought here

Stick Man 
The following week, we're off to see Stick Man Live on Stage at The Lowry. If you haven't read it, Stick Man is a children's book by Julia Donaldson, and it's one of our favourites. We gave it Ebony for her second birthday and it quickly became a firm favourite. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turned it into a show. Stick Man Live on Stage is on at The Lowry from the 26th until 31st May. Tickets cost £6-13.50 and can be ordered hereStick Man Live on Stage is currently touring the country, you can check our tour dates and book tickets here

First Steps: A Child's Swan Lake

I'd never seen the ballet before I took Ebony to see First Steps: A Child's Copellia earlier this year. The production was amazing, I was totally in awe, and Ebony was even more impressed. She loved every second of it. After the show, the audience were given the chance to go and visit the ballerinas and I cannot emphasise how much Ebony loved this. I have the most wonderful photo of Ebony giving the lead dancer an unexpected cuddle, you can see it on my review here. In September, Birmingham Royal Ballet are coming back to The Lowry and putting on a child's performance of Swan Lake. I booked tickets as soon as I found out, and Ebony is absolutely thrilled to be going to the ballet again. First Steps: A Child's Swan Lake is on at The Lowry on 25th September. Tickets are only £10 each, and you can book here.

Mr Popper's Penguins
I'm not familiar with the children's book this show is based on, but have booked tickets to see this musical in December. The show uses puppets which I thought Ebony would love, and it's by the same company who devised What The Ladybird Heard Live so I have high hopes. We're going to see it a few days before Christmas, and I think it's going to be an exciting start to Ebony's Christmas holidays. It's on at The Lowry for a month starting on 10th December. Tickets are £17 each and can be booked on The Lowry website.

Snow Child
This show is based on the book The Snow Child. I read the book a few months ago and it is just beautiful. If you haven't read it, you should. It's a lovely story about a couple who wish for a child and a snow child appears before their eyes. I'm really looking forward to seeing this adaptation, and have no idea how they will turn this tale into a children's book. I've booked us all tickets to see this on Christmas Eve, and can't imagine a better way to spend the day before Christmas. Snow Child is on at The Lowry from 22nd December until 3rd January. Tickets cost £7-£10 and can be bought here.

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