Tuesday 28 April 2015

Living Arrows 17/52

Nice weather has meant a lot of time outdoors. Whole days have disappeared under the warming glare of the spring sun. Even this week, with the drop in temperature, we've still be busy out in the garden. This photograph was taken after a day in Manchester. I needed to buy some last minute things for a wedding on Friday, and Ebony is always in need of things, so we made a day out it. I had the nicest day walking around with her, trying on clothes and looking at make up. Finally, we are the Gilmore Girls I always dreamed we would be. I don't have the words to describe how much I love the sight of Ebony in these dungarees, but I was a BIG My Girl fan growing up (and still now, obviously) if that helps at all. 

Once again, I am running a little behind on these photo posts so I'm making up for lost time here. During the Easter holidays we went into Manchester for the day with some friends. It was a really lovely day, and this photo was taken at The Clore Studio in Manchester Art Gallery. I will write a bit more about this place soon, it's the perfect place to take kids in the city centre. 

And finally, a photo of Ebony with her new favourite toy. I can't explain how much she loves this water hose, it's yet another way for her to get lost in the rich games of her imagination. It's so lovely to see the games she comes up with, and see all her different likes and dislikes shining through now that she is getting older
Living Arrows

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