Monday 27 October 2014

Living Arrows: A Catch Up

I have fallen outrageously behind with these Living Arrows posts, because I am clearly terrible at sticking to a schedule. Also, because, you know, work and life and things. Some weeks I managed to remember to dig out my camera and take a photograph, but just never got round to posting it. Other times I totally forgot, so I have only crappy phone shots to show for those weeks (and weeks). I've split the catch up into two posts because that is how behind I am. 

Whilst our beautiful (but still totally unfinished) new kitchen was being put in, I took Ebony to stay at my parents for a few days so we could get used to the cold before winter arrived. I jest, but it is actually really cold there. My parents were away, so it was just me and Ebony keeping each other company. We spent our days exploring the parks I used to play in as a child. Here she is in the helicopter I climbed many a time as a toddler. 

This photo was taken on a trip to the park. There's a small clearing in the bushes at the side of the play area, and all the toddlers seem to spend most of their time hanging out there. Ebony had disappeared from view, but I spotted her shoes hanging from the branch so walked over to see if she needed help getting down. She didn't, of course, so I left her to it. I think she spent most of the trip attached to this branch, arguing with any children who asked her to move. 

For Laurie's birthday, I bought him a toddler seat for his bike. This was their first go trying it out. We decided to go to the field at the top of our street so that there was a soft surface should anyone fall off. I think we were both a bit worried that Ebony might not like being on the back of the bike, but as it turned out she loved it. Since this photo, they have been on many adventures cycling off into the distance together. 

Remember how Ebony threw up all over the table at my friend's wedding? Yeah, this photograph was taken a couple of hours earlier. After insisting she wanted to wear a headband to the wedding, Ebony managed to keep it on her head for about three minutes before tiring of it. This photo was taken outside the reception venue, when we took Ebony for a run around to burn off some energy. Obviously she just sat down quietly, which she had been refusing to do inside. 

I walked out of my bedroom to find Ebony and the cat, side by side at the top of the stairs. They were silhouetted against the light from my office, and it looked beautiful. I grabbed my camera and returned to discover the cat had disappeared, so instead I just took a few photos of Ebony. 

During the summer holidays, we took a trip to a play day at a local(ish) park. There was lots of fun to be had - painting, climbing, bouncing, planting and making, to name a few. One of the best things was a huge area filled with hay, Ebony ran in and was throwing hay around with her best friend. It was really lovely, this photograph is of just after the hay fight. Exhausted, but happy. 

Post-bath, pre-bed difficult decisions about which books to have as bedtime stories. We've had to implement a limit of three now, it was getting out of hand...

Tada, I'm half caught up. Next stupidly long installment of photos coming soon. 
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