Tuesday 18 June 2013

We like to read: Brandur

For this week’s we like to read, I thought I’d share another imagination-based book.

The book is called “Brandur” and is the sixtieth in a series of short stories. I think.

The entire story is written in Icelandic, and I have no translation so I can’t say for sure what it’s about. My friend, Kate, bought the book on her travels in Iceland and gave it to Ebony as a present along with a note saying Laurie and I would have to make up the story.

From the illustrations, I am pretty sure the book is about a kitten, who I call Brandur, who goes on a walk with his mother and siblings, and gets lost after being distracted by a playful mole. There are plenty of adventures along the way, and Brandur becomes friends with a puppy. The story ends well as the kitten is reunited with his family towards the end of the book.

I like the illustrations, and the use of colour. Ebony loves it because she is a crazy cat lady in training, so spends the entire story saying “KITTY TSH TSH TSH” at the pictures.

This is another fun story that forces me to fill in the blanks. As you can imagine, the length of the story depends greatly on the number of times I’ve read the story. During the first reading, there may be great adventures and hilarious in story escapades. But, on reading the story for the fifteenth time of the day, it may be a little more concise.

You can find the rest of this week's we like to read posts over at Tigerlilly Quinn.

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