Thursday 16 May 2013

We like to read: Foxly's Feast

Foxly's Feast by Owen Davey

I’m really excited to be taking part in the we like to read series. Ebony absolutely love books and I spend at least an hour a day reading to her. She has a bookcase filled with books in the living room, and will quite often march over carrying a book for me to read. She also has two bookshelves in her bedroom, and we spend a lot of time in there reading each day. 

Foxly’s Feast is such a lovely book. My friend Fiona bought it for Ebony when she was born. It’s an illustrated tale with no words, so it’s totally dependent on your imagination. I think this book will be fun when Ebony is older and likes to make up the story herself, but it’s great for now too. The illustrations are beautiful and captivate Ebony every time we read it. There are lots of different animals in the book, so Ebony can show off her animal noises. 

 I really love this book, it’s so fun to make up a slightly different story each time. If you want to inspire your child’s imagination and creative thinking, I would recommend Foxly's Feast as a storybook. 

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