Sunday 21 April 2013

Why I'm Glad I'm not a Panda

In my 26 long years, I have met many men. Hundreds, if not thousands, of men have crossed my path. Some have checked my train tickets, others have opened doors for me, and a few have bought me drinks.
I have been in lifts with men. I have had arguments with men. I have danced with men.
I have considered some men to be total douchebags. Other men have caught my eye. The occasional man has repulsed me.
Of all the hundreds or thousands of men, there haven't been many I've wanted to have children with. In fact, I've only ever really wanted to have children with my husband. And Luca from ER, but unfortunately our paths have not crossed so he doesn't count. So, it's just my husband then, out of the hundreds of men I have encountered.
But what if I didn't get to choose my husband? What if someone else decided the course of my life? If another person, most likely for financial gain, determined who I would spend eternity with. Of all the billions of men in the world, it's unlikely my husband would have been selected.
Let's imagine a mate had been chosen, and we had been introduced. Most likely, I would decide that this man was not the man of my dreams. Unless it was Luca from ER, and then I would be eternally grateful to our Cupid. But probably, I would look across at the stranger in front of me, and feel nothing. Perhaps revulsion at the situation.
I certainly wouldn't be picking out colour schemes for the nursery. But what if, after refusing to mate of my own accord, I was sedated and artificially inseminated. Because, of course, who am I to judge who I will or will not have children with?
These decisions should be taken with the entrance-fee paying public in mind. After all, the public expect a baby panda, and so that is what they will get.
Today, I am glad I am not a caged panda.

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