Wednesday 30 January 2013

Can't Hunt Foxes? Hunt Charities.

I had been at the pub, I can’t remember who with now. It was a few years ago. I’d definitely been at the pub though, because I was drunk when I heard the news. I was staying at my parents’ at the time. I’d arrived home from the pub in a good mood. Now I think about it, I’m pretty sure I had been at the pub with my friend Amanda. Not that it makes a difference now, the nice part of the evening has been wiped from my memory. All that remains, is what happened next.

I was sat in bed, drunkenly reading my Twitter timeline when I saw the news. I’m sure you remember where you were too, when you heard. David Cameron was the new Prime Minister. Even now, just typing that, my eyes sting with tears and my throat starts to choke up.

David cocking Cameron was my new Prime Minister? How humiliating. I could think of nothing worse than being globally represented by a man with sunken pig eyes and a face made of reconstituted sausage meat. When the world thought of the UK, for the next four years at least, they would think of David Cameron. And they would hate us.

I knew Cameron was going to be a horrible Prime Minister. I mean, what good has reconstituted sausage meat ever done for anybody? I knew he would do all he could to protect his self interests while simultaneously crippling the country under the misleading umbrella of the recession.  

I was brought up to dislike the Conservatives, it’s in my blood. Since May 2010, I have watched the Coalition wreak havoc upon the UK. From tuition fees rises, to benefits cuts, I have seen the Government attack society. It seems as though the Government is deliberately targeting the vulnerable - carers, the unemployed, the young - and attacking them for sport.

Is this the replacement for fox hunting? Are they so pissed about the fox hunting ban, that they will ruthlessly go after impoverished people now?

It was reported last week, that the Conservatives are now attacking the RSPCA. Yeah, the charity with all the kittens, with the big sad eyes, they’re being attacked. Why? Because they dared to prosecute a few law-breaking fox hunters.

You may like the RSPCA, you may not, but their prosecuting work is really important. If the RSPCA didn’t prosecute animal abusers, nobody would. They do it, because the state won’t. We need them to keep doing this important aspect of their work. We need them to make sure that, when laws are broken, people are prosecuted for breaking animal welfare laws.

Fox hunting has been banned since 2004, but foxes are still killed
illegally during hunts. Hunt Sabs, The League and the RSPCA are all fighting to stop it, but it still happens. Undercover filming and monitoring are vital in this campaign to end illegal hunting, they allow the RSPCA to prosecute violations to the Act.

The RSPCA successfully prosecuted David Cameron’s local hunt. See that word? Successfully. And now, some Conservative MPs are being very pissy about it. They think it’s political to try and prosecute anyone who has ever come into contact with David cocking Cameron. When actually, wouldn’t it be more political to see evidence of law breaking and then ignore it for just that reason?

Former Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, Simon Hart MP, called for a debate in Parliament. I bet you can’t guess which side he was on?

The debate was on Tuesday, and, thankfully, it made Mr Hart look like a bit of a chump. It turns out most MPs actually really like the RSPCA, and didn’t share his concerns about them being political. In fact, it turned out lots of MPs are actually really grateful to the RSPCA for this particular aspect of their work. As am I. And, I’m also very glad that they made the Conservatives look stupid. Again.

Because I do really hate the Conservatives.

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