Tuesday 31 July 2012

Staying At Home

Laurie took a week off work recently, so I was lucky enough to have my parenting workload reduced. It was nice having someone to share the nappy changes, and the washing, and the entertaining with. I even got to drink cups of hot tea (as opposed to cold tea), shower alone (instead of having my usual audience) and straighten my hair (rather than being actually terrified of looking in a mirror).

It’s sad that straightening my hair has become a luxury ‘pampering’ event. Don’t even think about my eyebrows. Unless you want to? If you do, they’re very Ernie-esque (of Bert & Ernie fame). Thank god I have a fringe. Although, it’s a toss up between which looks less shit, Ernie eyebrows or an unwashed fringe. Luckily I don’t have to choose, because I have both (sorry chaps, but I’m taken).
I’ve gone off on a hairy tangent, apologies. It was really nice to have Laurie home during the day. Ebony has been teething so her sleep hasn’t been great. She’s been waking up for night feeds which is unusual, and it’s taken longer to get her to sleep in the first place. I can’t share the night feeds, so if Ebony has a bad night, I’m tired the next day. 
I think one of the hardest things about being a Mum is the exhaustion. When you’re tired, it’s not just because you had a late night drinking, or it took a while to get to sleep, it’s that you were woken up by screaming every couple of hours. Then, while half asleep, you soothed your baby back into her slumber only to be woken again an hour later. It is like torture. You can’t have a lie in to recover, you get up when  the baby gets up (admittedly my baby gets up late, but shush).
Ebony is normally a good sleeper, so I really don’t meant to sound like I’m complaining. But when she is bad at sleeping, it’s because of her teeth or she’s poorly, and so it will usually mean a few bad nights in a row. That’s when it becomes torture.
One bad night is ok, it’s bearable, but I write this after four bad nights, and I feel crazy. My mind has given up, it’s asleep even when I’m not. Today I could not remember the word Centreparcs. I feel like I’m in a daze, or walking through fog. All I can see is tiredness stretched out in front of me, because I don’t know when the bad nights will end.
While Laurie was off, it meant there was someone to entertain Ebony when I was too tired. He could play with her, and sing to her, and tickle her, while I slumped on the sofa moaning about my headache.
Laurie looked a bit frazzled during certain points last week. His hair had a lot of volume which is never a good sign. One day he walked into the living room, after changing a nappy upstairs, and heard Ebony poo again. He looked like he might cry as he turned back to walk upstairs. I understood his pain, because that happens to me most days, at least twice. I think Ebony might be some kind of evil torture genius, Lord knows what will happen if she gets into the wrong hands.
At the end of the week off from his stressful job, Laurie announced; “I don’t know how people can stay at home. I’d need to work at least two days, just to have a break.”
Do you find work a much-needed break from family life, or do you see home as the stress reliever?

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