Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Grand Unveiling of Watching You Grow

When I was planning my wedding, I spoke to Laurie about last names. Obviously, I had assumed he would understand my hesitation to willingly add the syllable 'cock' to my name, but alas I was wrong.

In the end, I abandoned my former much-loved, less common maiden name of Scottish roots, and replaced it with genitalia.
Once the initial embarrassment of repeatedly saying 'cock' to strangers had evaporated, I began noticing a few positives about my new name. For example, no-one has ever asked me to spell out Peacock for them, but I must have lost a good month of my life saying G-A-L-B-R-A-I-T-H.
And so began my love of name changes. When I first created my blog, it was simply named after me (big headed much?). But alas, as doomsday (the planned end of my maternity leave) approached, I became worried about returning to my job in animal rights, faced with an army of violent, hateful enemies, with photos of my baby on a website named after me. And so, I changed the name of my site. To Pea Musings. It was a rushed decision, and one I later decided I regretted. For what exactly does it mean?!
And so, this weekend I have decided upon the new (and final) name of my blog. Consider this the official launch. Help yourself to prosecco, and enjoy the ambient music in the air.
Thank you for reading my newly named blog, "Watching You Grow". I promise I will not change it again.

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  1. haha, i've told my boyfriend if we were to ever get married (we've been together 6 yrs and neither of us want to) that i refuse to change my surname. his is davies and i love mine! but i compromised and said if we were to have children it/they could have his surname. anyway, yay for the name change! hope it brings lots of good with it :)

  2. hooray! Glad you've picked a name, I really like it! I still haven't changed my name after getting married (I thought it kind of automatically did, like changing in on facebook or something?!) But turns out its a whole lot more work than that!

  3. Congratulations!! Will raise a glass in your honour!

    I've just changed my name back after getting divorced and am loving being a Judge-Talbot again. Though yeah, like you, spelling it out takes out sooo much time! xx

  4. My OH has a really awful surname, if he ever proposes (we've been together for nearly twelve years!) I would double-barrel it with mine. Love the new blog name, you got that all set up super fast! x

  5. Love the new blog name, Will raise a glass to you ;)

  6. oh I love 'Peacock' as a surname! I thought it suited you as you love animals :) Tom's surname is is my dad's (my parents are still together but never got married and divided their surnames between children) so I am Strickland with Quinn as a middle name. Which would mean if we ever got married and I took his name I would be Quinn..Quinn! ANYWAY love the new blog name! congrats! x

  7. Oh how exciting - I really love the new name, great choice and I think it is perfect for your blog.

    Laura x

  8. Change is good! I've liked your facebook page.



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