Saturday, 19 April 2014

Living Arrows 15/52

 Look at Ebony's sad eyes as she watches her Daddy walk away. 

We went for a walk last weekend, and Ebony was having lots of fun with Laurie. They were throwing sticks into the lake, looking for birds, and talking about the plants. Ebony was momentarily distracted by a very big stick, and Laurie had walked off to investigate something in the meantime. When she realised he had gone, she looked heartbroken, and shouted for him until he returned. 

She loves spending quality time with Laurie at weekends. 
living arrows


  1. aww that's so sad/beautiful, it's really hard when Daddy's have to work away from home! Her hair has grown lots! She is such a beauty and I love her back pack! xx

  2. aw! poor little poppet! My girls get SO excited when Daddy gets home from work!

  3. Aw that is really cute, bless her

  4. Oh she is gorgeous and this just shows how much she loves her Daddy! x

  5. aw her little face! It's sad to see them a little bit heartbroken, but luckily it doesn't last forever!

  6. Oh this little story is too cute/heartfelt and her face is adorable - pure love for her daddy

    Laura x



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