Monday, 17 February 2014

Living Arrows 7/52

"Jigsaw time, Mummy. More jigsaws!"

Over the past few weeks, Ebony has developed an insatiable appetite for jigsaws. The jigsaw pile now towers above all of her other toys, and seems to grow ever taller with each passing day. 

This morning we found this Pingu jigsaw for £1 in the charity shop. It was worth every penny, because I was able to sit down with a hot cup of tea while she put the jigsaw together. 
living arrows


  1. You can't beat a good charity shop bargain! Love her mustard dress too - gorgeous!

  2. I'm so mean..I chucked all Cherry's puzzles away as the pieces were all missing and were always getting left everywhere! I do love charity shop bargains though x

  3. Bargain! We love puzzles here!


  4. that looks like an awesome find! Theo is a serious puzzle fiend and its our go to entertainment. charity shops are always winners for children's puzzles!

  5. I bought Talitha a 70p jigsaw in a charity and she literally does it over and over! Best buy ever!

  6. Fab find! You should link this up with Me and My Shadow too and #MagpieMonday :)



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