Saturday, 15 February 2014

Living Arrows 6/52

"Sweep. Hazel. More rabbits!"

We spent some time in the garden last week, playing with the rabbits and making the most of the dry hours between the downpours. Our garden was filled with rubble for the second half of last year, but it has finally all gone to the tip so we can play in the garden again.

Ebony always takes food out for the rabbits, and spends time feeding it through the bars of the run. Quite a lot of it ends up on the wrong side of the bars, much to Sweep and Hazel's annoyance. 

This photograph was supposed to be taken as Ebony walked towards to head back indoors, but she turned and ran back to the rabbits, disappearing out of focus. I seem to spend most of my time chasing after her these days, my independent little girl. 
living arrows


  1. How exciting to be able to play in the garden again - hopefully the weather will give us a bit of a break so we can all have some more outdoor family fun. Lovely photo :)

    Laura x

  2. Bet she's loving having the garden to play in again! mine is currently a mudbath... hoping it drys up soon!

  3. rabbits are my favourite! It's very sweet that she looks after them so well!

  4. That's so sweet that she has her rabbits to play with and loves them so much she wants to run back to them. My daughter would love to have rabbits but we go away so much it isn't very practical but we did some rabbit-sitting last summer which was lovely and I must try and organise that again for this year.

  5. great shot! I hear you about the independence! it's wonderful to watch isn't it xx



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