Monday, 6 January 2014

Living Arrows 1/52

'One... Two... Two... Nine." 

I've decided to take part in Living Arrows, to share a photo of Ebony each week throughout the year. I hope this will encourage me to get better acquainted with my camera, and to get some good photos of Ebony growing up. I know that by the end of this year, she will seem very grown up compared to the toddler playing hide and seek in this photograph. 

This photo was taken on my phone during a game of hide and seek in Delamere Forest. Ebony can't count to 10 yet, and has a very loose understanding of the rules of hide and seek, but loves playing all the same. 

living arrows


  1. ahh SO CUTE! also love her outfit. Some of my favourite pics are taken on my phone, it's great for capturing those moments you would never have got if you had to remember to take your camera out or change the settings etc. Really looking forward to seeing your pictures each week! xx

    1. Thank you :) I'm looking forward to trying to remember to take a picture each week! x

  2. You can't see me ;) Love this one, so adorable and such a typical childhood pose x

  3. Gorgeous photo! Amazed that you took it on your phone too! x

  4. Love all the colours and that is probably the best hat I've ever seen! Thanks so much for linking up with Living Arrows. Look forward to seeing next week's photo x

  5. I love it when they don't understand the concept of hide and seek and counting! My little boy is like this and I find it the sweetest!

    Gorgeous photo! x

  6. What a gorgeous photo! Love the hat and the red jumper!

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous, totally captures her carefreeness. I love her outfit and also her name is beautiful. x

  8. What a beautiful photograph. I adore the yellow hat, it's amazing. And I love the cute way she has her hands over her face, just lovely.
    Thanks so much for linking up to Living Arrows. x



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