Monday, 24 June 2013

Breastfeeding Tips: Setting up a Breastfeeding Station

When I talk about a breastfeeding station, I’m not talking about one of those over-priced cushioned nursery chairs you see in the catalogues. I mean, if you want one of those chairs then by all means get one, but that’s not really your breastfeeding station. That’s just the place you’ll be angrily breastfeeding from at 6am, furiously wishing you’d created a better breastfeeding station.

The key to a good breastfeeding station is that it’s somewhere you want to be. It’s not somewhere you don’t mind sitting for a forty minute feed, it’s somewhere you long to be the rest of the day. Your husband, your mother, the postman - they should all look longingly at your breastfeeding station, wishing they had the goods to call the station their own.

Here are some tips to consider when creating the ultimate breastfeeding station:

  1. Location, location, location - Kirstie Allsopp is the Queen of breastfeeding stations. Her and Phil are on a mission to transform the nation’s breastfeeding stations. And, being a very wise woman, Kirstie knows the most important factor to consider is location. You could plonk yourself in Junior’s room, but then you’re stuck in a nursery for seven hours a day, staring at the garish pink wallpaper you thought was cute. And it was cute, until you were forced to stare at it for seven hours a day. When it comes to selecting the location of your breastfeeding station, you want to use a selection criteria worthy of Sheldon Cooper. You want the comfiest seat, with the best view of the TV, in the perfect micro-climate of the living room.
  2. In-flight entertainment - the pregnant amongst you might be thinking “Entertainment? Surely gazing lovingly into my babies’ eyes will be entertaining enough.” And sure, it will be, for the first day. Then you’ll be bored of watching Junior chomp away, and you’ll be craving some light relief. This is where the breastfeeding box set comes in. You’ll need a selection of TV box sets to work through during the first few months of breastfeeding. I watched West Wing, New Girl, Six Feet Under, Superman and Grey’s Anatomy. That might sound like an excessive amount of TV, but babies eat A LOT. And yeah, you could whack them in a sling and get on with the housework, but who wants to do that? Make yourself comfy and settle in for some TV.
  3. Close enough to kiss - do not let that remote out of your sight. So many times I would sit down and get the baby latched on only to realise the remote was out of reach and I was stuck watching Pointless AGAIN. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, what you really need is one of those mitten strings fed through your clothes - TV remote dangling out of one sleeve, and the blu ray remote attached to the other. You will also need to keep close your phone, iPad, book and magazine - delete as appropriate.
  4. Risk it for a biscuit - breastfeeding makes you hungry, VERY hungry. Of course, nutritionally rich, healthy foods are best, but you're breastfeeding so you can have what you want - no-one tells you off when you’re breastfeeding so sod it, have a biscuit. Breastfeeding also makes you really thirsty, so make sure you have a drink handy before you park at the breastfeeding station. Cold, cold water was my favourite tipple during those early months.

If you follow the tips above, you should have wonderful, fulfilling and comfortable breastfeeds.

Or, more likely, you’ll be sat on the knackered sofa that smells of dog, trying not to wet yourself AND die of thirst as you breastfeed your aggressively hungry baby, whilst you sit opposite (and just out of reach of) the wonderful, comfortable breastfeeding station you set up. You will sit, staring at the tantalising pack of ginger nuts resting upon your favourite book, while Pointless fills the room like an unwelcome guest.

But hey, at least you’ll have that nice breastfeeding station to admire for the next 40 minutes.

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  1. Great Advice, I love your use of in house entertainment, it made me laugh! In fact when i feed is about the only time now I get to put my feet up and get lost in a social network world! My top tip is relax and when your out remember that noone is looking its just your paranoia!

  2. Having given birth a couple of weeks ago, this is great advice. Not sure what I'd do without Netflix!

  3. what a great post, thank you!

  4. this is a great post and certainly will help new mums prepare.
    my top tip would be to get to your local support groups before baby arrives, meet the breastfeeding supporters and local breastfeeding mums. These people and their companionship, support, knowledge and experience will be so valuable to you, and its easier to go to them after baby is born if you have already met them

  5. Haha, great advice! Very true. Although after a while I mastered the art of being able to move around when feeding and go and bring the biscuits/cake etc back to the station! ;)

  6. I watched the whole of Gargoyles in the early days...

  7. Currently sat looking a biscuits out of my reach haha, top tip would be to relax and enjoy, treasure it because t doesn't last forever x

  8. My top tip is dont let anyone question your milk supply, if your baby is producing plenty of wet and dirty nappies then your doing a good job :)

  9. Brilliant. This made me laugh because it hits the nail on the head. I also used to nurse lying down in bed during the day, just so I could have a nap too. Baby didn't like being put down, but if we fed in bed I could roll away and go to the loo too.
    Tip: do your research before baby arrives and make sure you know what normal newborn feeding and sleeping behaviour is.

  10. Lol! Great post and so true! No matter how much prep I do for the next feed I always find things are just out of reach. I think my baby's first words will be "hold on, hold on, hold on" as that's what I'm always saying as I'm gathering all the above things. Remote, phone, drink and snack!

    My top tip would be to let go of the guilt. Watch the box set or read a book or two that you enjoy whilst you're sat there feeding your baby the best food they will ever have. :)

  11. My top tip would be to go along to your local bf group before baby arrives so that you get plenty of advice and have more friendly faces to turn to in the early days.



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